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  • It is important to set up an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)-free environment if you plan to work with electronics, especially during the assembly process. The most typical approach to dealing with ESD is to use tools like surface mats and wrist straps. However, such an approach may not always be viable given that some electronics contain insulators whose static charges cannot be grounded to prevent ESD. If you want to be guaranteed an ESD-free workspace, ionizers may be the answer. They are not only cost effective but protect electronic devices where bench top mats and wrist straps fail. There are many types of ionizers available on the market today, so you will need to determine the model which is right for you. Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular ionizers:

    Overhead ionizers

    If you want to effectively use your workspace while protecting your electronic parts from static charges then overhead ionizers are your best option. The hanging capability of overhead ionizers ensures that they will not take up any space on your work table. Opting to buy high-quality overhead ionizers has added advantages, as such ionizers have great decay and balance capabilities ensuring they are durable for lengthy usage. 2 or 3 fan overhead AC ionizers can provide a well-balanced and dense ionization air flow. The ionized air ensures no static charges remain on your work surfaces.

    Ionizing guns

    These guns are best suited for point and shoot operations, especially when controlling ionization on your work spaces quickly is necessary. With ionizing air guns it is easy to clean your work area and prepare it for electronics. The guns are quick to neutralize static charges and prevent ESD by ensuring your surface is free of dirt and dust. There are a variety of ionizing guns available on the market today. Some guns use the corona ionization technology, which is effective in static charge elimination.

    Ionizing nozzles

    When looking for accurate but small ionizers, ionizing nozzles top the list. Their size is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspect of ionizing nozzles since it allows the user to reach less accessible locations of their work space with precision. These guns also feature minimal operator interaction. In fact you can even outfit your nozzle with a foot control option for regulating airflow as well as ionization. This hand-free approach allows operators to use their hands during assembly activities. It is also beneficial to opt for the previously mentioned ionizer guns as well since you can easily interchange nozzle tips to match your needs.

    Ionizing blowers

    For assemblers with enough work space, opting for a bench top AC ionizer blower will allow users to enjoy its benefits while not impacting on space. The blower has inbuilt corona ionizing technology for a rapid and balanced decay of static charges. This impressive balance results from the steady production of negative and positive air ions within the machine. By using this machine you will be guaranteed a protected workstation, safe from ESD. If your workstation is big a broad range blower might be a good option. These blowers can keep your large workspace free of static charges thanks to their impressive ionizing power.

    Alpha ionizers

    These neutralizers are common in the printing, plastic, electronics and packing industries due to the variety of models available, including bars, guns, fans and blowers for eliminating static charges. Alpha ionizing fans and blowers are effective in protecting your electronics from ESD during assembly by eliminating charges that bench top mats and wrist straps cannot. Efficient static charge elimination is the result of the ionizers producing balanced clouds of ions that protect sensitive electronic parts from damage.

    Ionizing bars

    Ionizing bars provide the complete package in terms of their ability to protect your workstation. Some of the advantages of these bars include high ionizing processes, low maintenance needs, power control options, and LED readouts to diagnose errors. The combination of the mentioned features makes ion bars worthy your consideration since they guarantee value for money. There are a number of different options available, so finding the right one to meet your needs is a worthwhile endeavor.

    In most cases, static charge neutralizers that use alternating currents have simple designs, hence they cost less to manufacture. AC ionizers require step-up transformers for because of the high voltage charges they generate. On the contrary, ionizers that use direct current are more costly. They use separate high voltage power supply emitter points to create a balanced stream of ions that pass through a controller. It is due to the inclusion of the controller and the complexities involved that make DC ionizers more expensive than their AC counterparts. However,  DC ionizers are somewhat more efficient than an AC ionizer. The type of ionizer you choose with depend on the particulars of your application. However , if you want to minimize ESD in your environment choosing one or more is imperative.