GTS600 Combination Wrist Strap and Footear Testing Station

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Item #: GTS600K

  • Provides accuracy and reliability at the best value
  • Dual test circuits: test footwear or wrist straps
  • Positive rocker switch LED’s lights and audible alarm signal test results
  • Battery powered with low-battery indicator
  • Provided with NIST traceable certificate
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The GST600 tester is a space-saving, versatile combo grounding tester that allows for accurate and cost effective testing of ESD ground devices.

The GTS600 is the best value combination tester on the market. Dual test circuits allows for both wrist strap and footwear testing quickly and easily with a touch of a button. Make sure your personal grounding devices are working without breaking the budget.The dual test circuits in the GTS600 gives the option for both wrist strap and footwear testing and a positive rocker switch makes test mode selection easy. This tester fully supports the “Compliance Verification Plan” requirements as stated in the ANSI ESD S20.20.

Alarm Specifications:
Wrist Strap Range: 750 Kilohms – 10 Megohms
Footwear Range: 750 Kilohms – 100 Megohms

Verification and Calibration

The GTS600 is factory calibrated and annual calibration is not necessary. Verification tools that simulate a functional and non-functional wrist straps/footwear are available to verify that the monitor is functional.  It is recommended to verify proper working order with the CAL1000 periodic verification unit at least once per year.

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