Warmbier METRISO®B530 Surface Resistance Test Kit

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Item #: 7100.B530.MK

  • Perform resistance tests to evaluate items for ESD compliance
  • Test range: Low ohmic range: 1 to 10 kOhm – 199 GOhm
  • Comes with 5lb probe set with innovative extension handle
  • Comes in conductive case with handle
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Take quick and accurate ESD measurements of materials with this high resistance testing kit.

The Metriso® B530 test kit efficiently measures a wide resistance range and is suitable for point-to-point, surface and resistance-to-ground measurements.  The Metriso® B530 can measurement range is from 1kOhm to 199 GOhm. The Metriso® B530 test kit includes a digital high resistance test meter, two disc probes, an extension handle for floor measurements, a hand-held probe with connecting cable, and a conductive carrying case fitted with dissipative pink foam.

Comply with Industry Standards
The Metriso® B530 can perform all relevant ESD measurements in accordance with ANSI ESD20.20, IEC 61340-4-1, IEC
61340-2-3 and IEC 61340-4-5. The test results are indicated both with audible and visual signals.

Test Performed

  • Resistance-to-ground
  • Resistance-point-to-point
  • Resistance-to-groundable-point
  • Volume resistance (with optional metal plate)


  • Evaluate packaging materials
  • Evaluate garments
  • Measure flooring, work surfaces and furniture resistance
  • Measure electrostatic fields
  • Analyze ionizers performance


Additional information


Surface Resistance Meter


RGTP, RTG, RTP, RTT, Volume Resistance


1 Year (Manufacturer Defects)


LCD display

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