Charge Plate Monitor

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Model 282CPS Charge Plate Monitor Convertor for 282 Static Meters

The 282CPS Charge Plate System is an accessory for the 282 Field meter that permits the 282 to measure ionizer performance. Increase the utility of your 282 Electrostatic Fieldmeter by adding the
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  •  An accessory for the model 282 Fieldmeter that permits the model 282 to measure ionizer performance.
  • Lowest-cost test method for periodic verification of ionizers
  • Correlates closely to charged-plate monitor test results
  • Performs both positive and negative decay tests
  • Also works with Model 281

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Model 287A Charge Plate Monitors to Test Ionizer Performance

The Model 287A is a low-cost and highly portable alternative to a charged-plate monitor for periodic verification of ionzer performance. It permits ionizer testing at the work location without the
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  • All-in-One Instrument for testing Ionizers
  • Measures, displays and stores voltage, decay time, temperature and humidity
  • Exceeds current requirements of ESD Assn. SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers
  • Test Balance and Decay
  • Low Cost / Performance Ratio
  • Hand-held, Battery Operated
  • Built -in Self Test

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