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  • Good ESD (electrostatic discharge) test equipment can mean the difference between a successful ESD program and a massive failure, with all the associated expenses. Whether you’re maintaining a work area for electronics manufacturing, keeping safe around hazardous flammable materials, or protecting valuable client data, the cost of a bad ESD failure can and likely will exceed the expense of proper test equipment many times over—even if you only look at what’s immediately lost, ignoring the cascade of disruptions and losses which arise from such a failure.   

    Why your ESD test equipment matters.

    SRM330-surface-resistance-meter-full-kitNo matter the quality of your supplier or the caution of your workers, there’s always a risk of failure with any piece of equipment. It doesn’t take much for an ionizer to begin failing to maintain the proper balance in the air, for a small flaw in a wrist strap to render it nothing more than an inconvenient bracelet, for a supposedly static-resistant surface to begin collecting electrostatic potential. That’s why vigilance, as much as any single ESD device, plays a crucial role in your electrostatic prevention program. Putting the right combination of testing tools in the hands of your knowledgeable team members and workers can eliminate the overwhelming majority of failures of this sort. You just need the right equipment.

    Equipment to consider

    Transforming Technologies offers all the ESD testing equipment your operation could possibly need, from charge plate monitors to portable wrist testers, allowing you the most thorough, efficient coverage possible. To make sure you’re using the right technology for your needs, read through your options and the possibilities of each, and consider the role it might play in maximizing the reliability of your ESD program.

    Charge plate monitors.

    Plate monitors are simple, easy-to-use instruments for testing the performance of your ionizer. Depending on the model you select you’ll be able to test performance under a broad variety of circumstances, set up automatic tests, report data to PC software solutions for thorough analysis and logging, etc.

    Transforming Technologies also offers a number of low-cost efficiency options, including portable models for periodic testing and conversion systems for field meters. Whether you’re looking for a budget option to occasionally confirm performance or need constant vigilance against the slightest dips in performance, there’s an option for you.

    Field monitors.

    Transforming Technologies’ pocket-sized field meters allow you to measure the electrostatic field at the grounded probe, the voltage per unit distance, as opposed to the actual potential provided by a voltmeter. Our feedback-driven null seeking design assures highly accurate results when paired with careful placement of probes, within 2% to 5%. Used appropriately, these monitors allow testing of static accumulation on insulators, monitoring of atmospheric fields under transmission lines, surface potential measurements, air ionization measurements, and logging and control of surface voltages for accurate process control.  

    Combination testers.

    Highly useful in ensuring the reliability of personal grounding equipment, our combination testers offer simple pass/fail or near-fail testing of wrist straps and footwear. Used as part of a complete ESD plan, these testing solutions make it far easier to maintain a high level of ESD safety in any environment—especially with the pro-active design of our Near-Fail testers, which advise users to change out grounding devices nearing failure. We also offer a low-cost portable wrist strap tester, useful for assessing wrist band and coil cord grounding in situations where a more complete solution would be unfeasible or unnecessary.

    Surface resistance meters.

    Few things can prove as disastrous in an environment concerned with static discharge as the presence of unexpected, untested surfaces. With Transforming Technologies’ array of surface resistance measurement solutions, you can make certain that packaging, flooring, clothing, work surfaces, furniture, and other surfaces meet the standards necessary for your operation. We offer solutions ranging from basic testing instruments to complete ESD audit kits, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs and budget.  

    Constant monitors.

    Sometimes, it makes more sense to avoid the variety of tests and equipment and instead work with a localized constant monitor, a device which continuously checks the total ground loop. This can offer immense savings in applications where it makes sense—make sure you match the monitor to your application.

    Making the most of your test equipment.

    The best tools in the industry won’t do you any good without a plan in place to utilize them. Establish proper testing procedures and instill good habits in your workforce, lest your equipment be underutilized and easily avoided mistakes allowed through the cracks. Employee buy-in to your ESD program makes up a big portion of your success, as it does with any finicky, delicate problem.Make sure employees understand exactly what they need to test and when, why it matters so much, and what will happen if they fail to do so. Positive incentives and quantifiable goals for compliance can help immensely.

    Contact Transforming Technologies today for all of your ESD-testing needs.