Warmbier 890 Two Sided Probe

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Item #: 7220.890.WE.SET

  • Two-sided probe combines a concentric ring and disk probe
  • Made with conductive plastic containing silver particles
  • Take resistance-to-ground, point-to-point and volume resistance measurements
  • Include stainless steel plate, insulative plate, and a conductive carrying


The 890 two-sided probe is used with a surface resistance meter to take volume resistance, point-to-point resistance, surface resistance and resistance-to-ground measurements. The 890 probes unique two sized design combines a concentric ring probe and a cylindrical disk probe into one easy to use testing device. The probe is made with conductive plastic containing silver particles. The 890 Probe Kit includes a stainless steel plate, insulative plate, blue guard cord, and a conductive carrying case.

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