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Its ultimatedisposal occurs mainly by hepatic metabolism(elimination t? is 8–12 hr), but this is irrelevantfor termination of action of a single dose.Residual CNS depression may persist for > 12hr. That is as close asI could come to describing crystal. (2000) The impactof semantic memory impairment on spelling: evidence fromsemantic dementia

(2000) The impactof semantic memory impairment on spelling: evidence fromsemantic dementia.

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Item #: 7100.SRM200K.VK

  • Perform resistance measurements to determine if a surface is dissipative, conductive, or insulative
  • Test range: 10^3-10^12
  • Stores test data that can be accessed via USB 
  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • Test voltage: 10V/100V(automatic ranging)
  • Built-in resistivity probes
  • Carrying case & calibration certificate included

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Full-featured digital Surface Resistance Meter with lightweight travel probes, two-point probe, data storage, temperature and humidity testing!

SRM200 is a very useful instrument for checking surface resistance and resistance to ground. The instrument can be used on different work

Testing Surface Resistivity with the Lightweight “Press & Test” Travel Probes

surfaces, floors, chairs, carts, clothing and packaging materials, etc. With the additional “two-point probe” adapter also Rpp measurements can be done on small areas like in cavities of vaccum formed trays. The measured value is displayed with LED display that indicates whether the value is conductive, dissipative or insulating. All readings can be stored in the instrument and can by using the included software easily transferred to PC via USB cable.

The measurements can be performed either with the built-in measurement electrodes (fitted with conductive rubber for good conductivity) on the underside of the instrument or together with lightweight travel electrodes. Performed measurements with external measuring electrode met the requirements of ANSI ESD S20.20 and IEC61340-5-1. SRM 2000 also has integrated temperature and humidity sensor.

Operation Description


LCD Display

SRM200 LCD Overview


Battery condition is permanently monitored in the LCD display. Connect the instrument to a computer or use the power supply to charge the battery in time. The unit won’t switch on if the battery is damaged. Unscrew the battery lid at the backside of the unit to replace the battery. Replace only a rechargeable battery of the same type and take care of the polarity.

Data Logging and Report Export

All readings can be stored in the SRM200 built-in memory and which can be easily transferred to PC via USB cable.  The measurement data can be filtered and exported to a CSV file.
SRM200 Data Report

A measurement report can be produced with the following data points: Specimen ID, Resistance Classification, Device Serial Number, Resistance, Temperature, Humidity, Date, Min, Max and Comments.


The recommended calibration service interval is 2 years.  If you would like to verify calibration periodically, use the Veribox resistor box.  The Veribox contains three resistance values to compare to the SRM200: 10K, 1M and 1 G.  If the SRM200 measures the correct resistance, calibration is verified.

Additional information


Surface Resistance Meter


Resistance to Ground, Resistance Point to Point, Resistance


10V/100V(automatic ranging)

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