Ionizer Output Nozzle Tips

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Item #: N0 Series

Change airflow of IN3425, IN3425PE, IN4000, IN4000PE and IN6430 ionizers with output nozzles tips

  • 15° Angle
  • Wide Angle
  • Luer Lock
  • Long Range
  • Bendable
  • Manifold


Change airflow of ionizers with output tips to handle unique and difficult point-of-use ionization applications.

The IN0010 nozzle tip comes standard with ionizers : IN6430, IN3425, IN3425PE, IN4000, and IN4000PE .  The airflow can be changed with different output tips: Wide angle, long range, bendable, luer lock or manifold tips may be substituted depending on the application.

Output Nozzle Tip Options:

N0010: Standard  – Creates a 15° output of air
N0020: Wide Angle – Creates a 90° output of air
N0030: Luer Lock – Allows you to attached a flexible tube to ionizers (tube is not included)
N0040: Long Range - A 2″ long  extension tube with a 15° output of air
N0050: Bendable – This is a metal tube which can be bent and stays into the desired position.
N0060: Manifold – A tube with holes in a line which creates a wall of air.
N0060 Lengths: 6″,8″,12″,16 and 18″ long

Nozzle Options

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N0010 – 15° Angle, N0020 -Wide Angle, N0030 – Luer Lock, N0040 – Long Range, N0050 – Bendable, N0060-12 – Manifold – 12″ Long, N0060-16 – Manifold – 16″ Long, N0060-18 – Manifold – 18″ Long, N0060-6 – Manifold – 6″ Long, N0060-8 – Manifold – 8″ Long

Part Numbers

ItemDescriptionSales Unit
N0010Output Nozzle For In3425, Short W/15 Degree SprayEach
N0020Output Nozzle For In3425, Short W/90 Degree SprayEach
N0030Output Nozzle For In3425 W/Bendable Ext, 15D SprayEach
N0040Output Nozzle 15 Degree Spray W/2" Straight ExtensionEach
N0050-8Output Nozzle For In3425, Flexible, 8"Each
N0050-12Output Nozzle For In3425, Flexible, 12"Each
N0050-16Output Nozzle For In3425, Flexible, 16"Each
N0050-20Output Nozzle For In3425, Flexible, 20"Each
N0060-04Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 4"Each
N0060-06Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 6"Each
N0060-08Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 8"Each
N0060-12Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 12"Each
N0060-16Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 16"Each
N0060-18Output Nozzle For In3425, Evenly Spaced Holes, 18"Each

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